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A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha’i Faith (Concise Encyclopedia of World Faiths)

Baha’ism originated in Persia in 1863.

The Bahai faith has its roots in Babism, the doctrine of a Persian religious sect that began in 1844 under the leadership of Mizra Ali Mohammed (1821 - 1850). 

Babism seeks to reconcile certain teachings of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Mizra Ali Mohammed assumed the title of "Bab" (from "Bab-ad-Din" or "Gate of Faith").

Baha’ism puts emphasis on the oneness or unity of all mankind, and of all divine revelation, which is progressive and relative. This would mean that:

* Baha’ullah was God’s prophet during his time;

* Muhammad (or Mohammed, ‘the Praised One’, the prophet of Islam) was God’s prophets for his contemporaries; and

* Jesus and Moses were God’s prophets during the times in which they lived.

  • Mizra Ali Mohammed was executed and 20,000 of his followers were killed during the period 1844 – 1850.

Don’t agree with the executions and the persecutions, but do clearly see why the movement is not acceptable to devout believers of the other faiths.  It’s a matter of doctrine.  Still!  There is no need for wholesale butchering of human beings in the name of God. 

Now that humanity has been given all of these “revelations” that we can contrast, compare and choose of our own free will to believe and live by:

  • Is there any true believer who would dare say than an Almighty All Powerful God they serve is not perfectly capable of confronting and removing false prophets, hypocrites, deceivers, alleged defenders and crusaders, etc. WITHOUT human intervention? 

Yes that question probably opens up another can of worms, but it’s on the table now.  Anyone care to partake now?  Or shall we all wait until the Harvest?

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