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I am Treathyl FOX, aka CMoneyspinner, Texas-based Freelance Writer; Investor, Home Business Entrepreneur. Visit the “About the Publisher” page, if you're curious to know more. Very happy you stopped by. Come again often. You are welcome here!

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Sharing this link from my other blog about tools made available to the public to facilitate research.  Click link above or click here: Awesome Research Tools

I was watching a show on TBN or some other channel like that and they were saying the Google folks were working on a project to make Bible scrolls available online.  I’m telling you the world is truly a better place because of Google!

Amazon product imageThe Google folks receive a high five on these initiatives. 

They have made information accessible to the masses as it should be and as it should have always been.  We have the Internet now.  There is absolutely no reason for anybody to live the Dark Ages!

Also, I have learned in my lifetime, that no matter how smart or intelligent a person is, if you give them the wrong information - they’ll probably screw up whatever it is they’re doing. 

Not that they can’t fix it. 

But it was so unnecessary to make the mistake, had they been given the right info in the first place.  Now it’s time wasted doing the wrong thing and more time wasted fixing the wrong thing and doing the right thing! 

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