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Another weekend is here!  If you’re a teen (high school), young adult or young professional, you probably already have your Friday activities planned.  If you’re an adolescent, no doubt you plan to play a video game until you achieve that perfect score.  If you’re in the "You know you’re officially old when you don’t want to go out on Friday nights" age group, then down below are suggestions for great entertainment and an enjoyable evening at home.

First, let’s take care of the kids and get them to bed.

If you are parents (or grandparents) of young children and want suggestions for a movie they would love with popcorn, blanket and a pillow, these are my picks.  When my children were younger, these kinds of movies usually kept them occupied.

#1) Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Adorable flick and teaches good values. Nice for them to go to sleep with wonderful thoughts in their head.  This is the number two.  (The Care Bears Movie) The number one was just as good.  Pick either one.

#2) The Neverending Story

This movie also has a sequel, Neverending Story II.  The first is much better.  I’m no bonafide movie critic.  Just an old fashioned mom who used to watch movies with (or without) her kids.  It’s a movie about a boy who likes books, who must stop “The Nothing”.  Great storyline!


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Now for the remainder of Friday night.  Movies recommended for the adults. 

Considering that the American Revolution resulted in a democracy with an elected president; and the French Revolution ended up with an emperor, any time you want to complain about the current U.S. administration and the way the government is being run, just remember that it could always be worse.  America could be ruled by a self-aggrandizing emperor. :)

#1) Tolerance- If you like Rupert Everett, you’ll probably why you never heard of this movie

#2) The Scarlet Pimpernel - This is not a movie.  It’s a miniseries with two of my favorite actors - especially when they act together:  Jane Seymour and Anthony Andrews.  Talk about shades of a happy marriage and being married to a secret hero, and having a vital part in changing the course of the history of a nation.  Now that’s a good life!!

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