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Lawani Sunday


Country: Nigeria

Style: Complementism, Fine Art, Impressionism, Abstract

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Fun Fact: he is now a lecturer at the same university where he horned his unique style


My style, “ complementism” is generally seen as a technique but broadly different from the general style in painting because of its end product which entails the blending decoration of broad brush pattern and colour splash in order to give the main painting work a general surface felling. This style of mine, takes the actual and normal painting steeps and procedure but end differently.
The style is carried out in two forms; simple complementism in linear brush pattern and simple complementism in linear splashing.
The main content of the style in linear complementism is all about emotional relief, with the aim of reaffirming the emotional feelings of the art lovers for better


1. Gossipers

2. Serenity 6

3. Cultural Dynamism

4. Ressurection

5. Serenity 3


@lawancy4luv on twitter



Email: creativearts4life@yahoo.co.uk

Phone number: +2348050535131



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