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Today Tumblr is excited to announce the A-List Partnership Program. Tumblr hosts more than 80 million blogs and 35 billion posts, and each day users create more than 70 million new posts. To further enable brands to create extraordinary Tumblr experiences and connect with the community, Tumblr has partnered with a grouping of the premiere technology, advertising, media, and creative agencies. 

Brands are increasingly experiencing Tumblr as the most unique and engaging way to participate in creative storytelling with consumers. Tumblr’s A-List partners are fully equipped with the right tools to provide their clients the ultimate Tumblr experience. 

We couldn’t be happier with the early success brands have had using Tumblr to tell their stories, and we’ve been honored to work with some of the most creative and talented agencies around the world

An A-List Partner will have access to unparalleled access including:

  • Training from Tumblr staff
  • Hands-On Support and Communication with Tumblr’s dedicated brand strategists
  • PR Support
  • Client Referrals
  • Access to Tumblr’s API Team
  • Access to Tumblr’s Firehose of data

Below is Tumblr’s premiere group of inaugural A-List Partners. 

More information about Tumblr’s A-List Partnership Program can be found at: 

* * *

Good to see Business Bullpen on the A-List! :)

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