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  • Ooh la la!  as zee French wud zay!  (Yeah I know.  My accent is pretty bad, isn’t it?  You should hear my Aussie accent.)  Anyway, just ignore the phony French accent.  But do pay attention and the click the link to the article written by Viarentals;  pen name for a freelance writer working in tourism and based in Paris, France.

* * *

Do you like ethnic foods?  I do.  I really enjoy experiencing the cuisines of various countries.  I’ve been to Paris many times. (Yeah.  In my dreams.)

Montmartre Restaurant – Giclee Print

I’ve never been to Paris. Not Paris, France. Not Paris, Tennessee. Not even Paris, Texas; which is less than 300 miles from Austin, Texas where I live.  ≧◠◡◠≦

Having never been there and having never read about or heard about them I had no idea about the international delicatessens in Paris.  African, Caribbean, Indian, Japanese!

But now I know!
So when I go to sleep, I can dream about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the wonderful ethnic cuisine.

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The Ethnic Paris Cookbook

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